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My plan here, at least initially, is to post about various pieces of software I've written as I add them to GitHub. The source code and formal documentation (such as it is) will be there, while the corresponding post here will include things like

not because any of these things are particularly fascinating, but rather in hopes that they help the reader understand what the program does (and in some cases doesn't do) so that they can decide whether the program will be of use to them.

And if a given post happens to devolve into my thoughts on some aspect of software development then so be it.

If you'd like to support this site then check out my web app and see if it's of interest to you, pass it along to anyone you think might be interested in it, or both.

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14 Mar 2022

Note: there is a public repository containing the source code and formal documentation for the programs that this post is about.

Tags: emacs shell software

Relocation: Additional

16 Feb 2022

In an earlier post I covered the basics of using the main commands provided by my relocate package to navigate the filesystem more quickly and efficiently. Now we're going to discuss some additional features of those commands, as well as some auxiliary commands that are provided by the package. Then I'll introduce a few shell aliases and functions that are built on top of the package's commands, and that I find make moving around the filesystem even easier.

Tags: shell software

Quickly Tangling

11 Feb 2022

Note: there is a public repository that includes the source code for the program that this post is about.

Tags: emacs sed software
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